Netbook vs. iPad Results

The results are in from our Netbook vs. iPad Showdown on June 1. 

First we want to thank our panelists: Bob Bartlett and Kristile Cain from IT Services (representing the Netbook) and AC Chacon and Avi Schwab from College IT (representing the iPad) for a fun and informative take on their devices.  Thanks as well to our moderator and occasional referee, Kevin Brooks from the IT Services Solution Center.

Results were compiled by Ping Lieser from IT Services.

And now the results:

Form Factor (including weight, battery life, appearance, keyboard/touchscreen)
Netbook: 14
iPad: 17

Connectivity (WIFI, 3G, USB, etc)
Netbook: 28
iPad: 7

VGA Output
Netbook: 28
iPad: 8

Interface (user experience, simplicity)
Netbook: 18

Academic Uses (eBooks, Chalk, productivity)
Netbook: 21
iPad: 9

Apps / Licensing
Netbook: 24
iPad: 6

Overall Impression
Netbook: 19
iPad: 8

So a decisive victory for the Netbook unexpectedly taking both the Apps and Interface categories!   Do I hear the iPad boosters calling for a recount, um, I mean rematch?